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Région et langue actuelles

TalentWave is now People2.0! New company, same great thought leadership.

Consulting Firms CAN Thrive in an Environment of Rapid Change


In a recent High Growth Study by Hinge Research Institute, 42% of consulting firms surveyed stated that NEW competition is a top threat. 40% said that the shortage of top talent was among their top five challenges. These pressures illustrate the complex forces that are confronting firms today, as the whole professional services landscape is rapidly changing. Consulting organizations must become more agile and swift to surpass the competition and remain profitable while keeping client satisfaction at the forefront of their attention. TalentWave offers solutions committed to helping management consultancies. Check out our infographic that explains some common challenges firms are facing, and the disruptive ways we can help you navigate to get ahead of the competition.

How is your consulting firm thinking about talent planning in 2020?

Organizations must become as nimble and effcient as possible to outpace their competition, while maintaining the highest levels of proftability. Let us show you how we can help!

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