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Employee Wants, Company Needs: Balancing the Borderless Workplace

Jeudi mai 12, 2022

People2.0’s Flexible Work Program benefits a distributed workforce by allowing for fully remote employees as well as a hybr...

Talent Communities: How to Find Talent

Mercredi décembre 14, 2016

There are many ways to source workers for talent communities. Read this article to learn where you can self-source proven, ve...

Strategic Considerations for Talent Communities

Jeudi décembre 8, 2016

In this article, learn about the strategic considerations for HR, Talent Acquisition & Procurement professionals when buildin...

Building a talent community? First, determine your goals

Mardi novembre 29, 2016

Considering a talent community for contingent workers? Before evaluating solutions, determine your organizational goals. ...

Core Principles for Building a Successful a Talent Community

Jeudi octobre 27, 2016

What are the core principles, or building blocks, for a successful talent community? There are many factors. Read this articl...

Talent Community Manifesto: The Declaration of Independents

Mercredi octobre 19, 2016

Talent Community enables enterprise companies to curate a community of known, independent and non-employee workers, transfor...

The Business Case for Building an Alumni Talent Community

Mardi août 25, 2015

Globalization, aging workers, and the rapidly growing flexible workforce are forcing many companies to reevaluate their workf...

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