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6 Trends Defining the Recruitment Industry in 2022

Dimanche juillet 31, 2022

The evolving world of work is changing the recruitment industry. Stay on top of recruitment trends that are defining the indu...

Distributed Workforce Combats UK Labor Shortage

Jeudi juin 30, 2022

The UK is suffering from a significant labor shortage despite low unemployment rates. Changing recruitment strategies can hel...

Using Diversity to Build Resilience in Your Procurement Strategies

Jeudi mai 19, 2022

Promoting the longevity of your clients’ organizations means developing a diversity recruiting strategy that fosters resili...

Employee Wants, Company Needs: Balancing the Borderless Workplace

Jeudi mai 12, 2022

People2.0’s Flexible Work Program benefits a distributed workforce by allowing for fully remote employees as well as a hybr...

[Infographic] The New Workforce

Mardi avril 11, 2017

In this infographic, we look at the factors driving the growth of the independent workforce and strategies companies use to s...

How HR Can Remain Relevant in the New World of Work

Mercredi avril 5, 2017

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are increasingly choosing to engage contingent labor. As this segment of...

Is There Still a Need for “Human Resources” in the New World of Work?

Mercredi mars 8, 2017

The world of work is rapidly evolving. With dramatic demographic shifts taking place we are witnessing increasing levels of t...

Three Significant Workplace Trends Impacting HR Professionals

Mercredi février 8, 2017

With the rapid changes taking place in the workforce, and the ever-evolving workplace, the professional life of an HR leader ...

The New Workforce Reality: Too Much Available Labor, Not Enough Available Talent

Mardi novembre 15, 2016

The new workforce reality is too many available positions, and not enough workers to fill those positions. What factors are t...

Talent scarcity: The new market reality

Mardi août 9, 2016

As companies struggle with talent scarcity, total talent management has emerged as a new, viable strategy. Learn how best-in-...

The Growth of the Flexible Workforce

Mercredi août 3, 2016

By 2020, over 40% of the U.S. workforce will be independent. How can you avoid common compliance pitfalls of a flexible workf...

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